Easy, safe and creative! Ferment with SAFARO & Co!

Now you can finally:

  • create interesting and healthy recipes with little effort and simple ingredients,
  • put an end to the daily chaos of tableware in the kitchen after a meal,
  • enhance and preserve food safely instead of throwing it away!

Cooking in the 21st century - try it out, become a microtarian!

WHAT DO I NEED? The starter kit to immediately and correctly get started


  • our innovative Safaro fermenter, with its unique floating disc and its smart locking system, plus
  • 4 different activators: two starters for tasty fermented food and two for incredible probiotic drinks!

Visit our unique recipes database full of creative ideas: the doors to the world of fermentation will open to you!

Table and cover! more magic helpers for a carefree culinary experience

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