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Who are we? Microjungle

Cultural Identity

An Italian from the South and a German from the North meet in France... It could be the beginning of a joke, but it all started this way with our family! (We still laugh today...)
Our cultural diversity has always been a reason for fascination, which was often carried out with knives and forks - mostly peacefully by a good meal.

Stefania had already learned as a child from her grandmother to master the forces of nature. "La nonna" prepared delicious meals for her 11 children and 25 grandchildren in the mountains of southern Italy, without a refrigerator!


After the adventures of life had taken us to multicultural and natural Luxembourg, our four children "naturally" joined us . Through them, our enthusiasm for cooking turned into a passion for the healthy production and processing of food.


Our key experience behind the intensive study of fermentation was the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. Positive clinical studies and medical encouragement as well as the risk-free application were the incentive for us to get involved. The creative way to apply fermentation to food quickly turned a necessity into a virtue, and so we always followed new taste paths. And best of all: the disease has been under control ever since.

Since fermented food has been a regular part of our diet, we also enjoy the positive effects as a family of 6. Compared to the past and to our environment, we are rarely ill and even our little ones overcome seasonal diseases within 24 hours - without medicines.


Once we got a taste for it, we deciphered, perfected and adapted many of the traditional knowledge about fermentation to modern requirements through long and well-founded scientific work.
Our vision is to bring the benefits of fermentation into harmony with today's standards - a new 21st century cooking!


With the help of engineers and scientists, we've been able to develop and now to produce

  • an innovative, stylish home fermenter,
  • several natural mixtures to support fermentation, and
  • a collection of recipes that comply with food safety regulations:

everything that a modern person needs for safe and hassle-free fermentation.


A lawyer, a teacher and four children starting a family business? Why not, when business spirit is alimented daily with enough idealism, bundled know-how and immense pleasure in the exchange of ideas!


For us, fermentation is not a trend, but one of the values we want to pass on to our children, as part of our culture, our resource-saving and environmentally conscious lifestyle, our passion for nature and good food ... and our commitment to a smarter and healthier world!