Safaro Our ingenious premium fermenter

Safaro Behälter

Free of toxic substances

Only natural materials - tested for harmful substances


Floating disk

Protects from mould better than conventional weight stones: Ingredients remain safely under the brine. Constant control is no longer necessary.



Durable and timelessly healthy thanks to specially developed ceramics


Clever closure system

Just turn the knob and the container is 100% airtight!


Pressure regulator

Fermentation gas escapes - no overpressure explosion!


Filling level line

Guarantees correct ratio of ingredients and brine


100% hygienic and sustainable

Dishwasher safe and reusable over and over again


Biodynamic form

Internal microcurrents promote the vitality of organisms

Pure health at zero risks

The biodinamic shape, the pressure regulator and the clever closure system guarantee safe fermentation and easy handling. Thanks to its easy cleaning and transportability, SAFARO is not only indispensable as a kitchen aid, but also as a companion in the office or at a picnic with friends.

Italian handicraft: beauty and responsibility

The ceramics used consist of a special clay mixture, intellectual creation of an Italian "Maestro" from Vicenza. Made only of natural materials and free of any toxic substances, it supports spontaneous fermentation and protects the vitality of micro-organisms and human health.

100% sustainability and durability

Safaro consists of high-quality and natural materials, is dishwasher safe and can be used again and again. It leaves no rubbish on our earth and, together with the expertise in fermentation, can be passed on from generation to generation!

The first premium fermenter for more safety and fun !