Innovation for a simple and safe fermentation

Fermentation as a playful experience for everyone - with a magical effect

Since time immemorial and all over the world, people have fermented. This has resulted in a huge treasure trove of recipes for delicious food and drinks of all kinds. Fermented food has no expiration date, is prebiotic and probiotic and boosts the immune system.

Unfortunately, the ancient tradition has declined since food industrialization, as it failed to adapt to the modern lifestyle. At the same time, researchers have been penetrating deeper and deeper into the secrets of fermentation processes.

Our method

Innovation Effortless successful

If you want to correctly ferment your food you need time, experience and a lot of patience. By using our method and our products you can directly succeed and have fun!

Easy, safe and creative fermentation!

Our story

Fermentation Research embraces tradition

We can do more than just retrace the steps of our ancestors...

Let even grandma wow!

For an easy, safe and creative fermentation!