Eat yourself healthy How regular eating of fermented foods strengthens the immune system

Fermented food is THE power food par excellence - without pills, without side effects!

Our gut is populated by a complex community of more than 800 different bacterial species. Their composition is subject to constant change and has an enormous impact on our nutritional and health condition.

It is now clear that our eating habits and modern lifestyle are destroying the biodiversity of our intestinal flora. The resulting bacterial imbalance is a frequent cause of health disorders and diseases.

The expectation, promoted by the food industry, that the monocultures of their probiotic yoghurt bacteria, for example, will stop our microbial desertification, is an illusion.

The fact is that a stable and efficient ecosystem (micro-jungle) in the intestine can only be established through the regular consumption of various fermented foods, which positively influences our health and even our appearance.

Healthy thanks to a variety of bacteria, probiotics and prebiotics

The following nutritional benefits are attributed to fermented products:


They break down naturally occurring toxins and harmful substances in food.


They increase the digestibility and bioavailability of vitamins and minerals contained in food.


They strengthen the antioxidative activities of our cells, can compensate negative age effects and thus regenerate our body's cells.


They inhibit pathogens (bad microorganisms) in our body.